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About the Thringstone & Whitwick People Zone

The Thringstone & Whitwick People Zone is located in North West Leicestershire (LE67), in both the Thringstone and Holly Hayes Wards.

The Thringstone & Whitwick People Zone falls under the North West Leicestershire District Council and its local Councillors can be found here:


Your Councillors - North West Leicestershire District Council (

It also falls under the Safer North West Leicestershire Partnership and the current SNWLP Chair can be found here:

Thringstone & Whitwick Area Map

Safer North West Leicestershire Partnership - North West Leicestershire District Council (

Thringstone and Whitwick are rural communities that have come together to strengthen their local assets, such as:

  • The Charles Booth Centre is the Community Hub for this People Zone and offers a vast selection of community clubs and activity, such as Scouts, Yoga, Coffee Mornings, Book Clubs, Bingo etc. It is also the meeting point for many community related meetings.

  • Thringstone Primary School – Meeting point for young families, provides clubs for young people and also hosts the communities Multi Use Gamily and Activity (MUGA) Court.

  • St Andrews Church – Offers support to local residents and encourages community groups to engage within its premises.

  • Thringstone Members Club – Used regularly by residents and community workers across Thringstone and Whitwick. Neutral ground and frequent host of community events.

  • Thringstone Miners Social Centre – Offering services which support residents of all ages to access a multitude of events and activities.

The community also benefits from great support programmes via Active Together that has recently formed the project ‘Let's Get Moving Thringstone’, which caters for people of all ages and abilities, across a wide range of diverse backgrounds.

Thringstone and Whitwick is a rural community that has long been undervalued in what it can achieve. It is well on its way to becoming a thriving People Zone, with local community workers and residents dedicated to making it a success.

Asset Map

There are various organisations, service providers, events and assets within and surrounding the Thringstone and Whitwick People Zone. These can all be viewed, added to and updated to provide a living interactive resource for the community.


If you know of something that's going on, an organisation or an asset that should be added, go right ahead and share the details on the map - no account is needed to add content. Get active and get involved!

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