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About the Bell Foundry People Zone

The Bell Foundry People Zone can be found in Loughborough (LE11), in the Hastings Ward.

This People Zone falls under Charnwood Borough Council and the current local Councillors can be found here:

Your Councillors - Charnwood Borough Council (


It also falls under the Charnwood Community Safety Partnership and the current CSP Chair can be found here:

Community Safety Partnership (CSP) - Charnwood Borough Council

Bell Foundry is a small community, that has come together to strengthen their local assets, such as:

  • The Marios Tinenti Centre (the Community Hub for this People Zone) – The ‘go to’ location for support for local residents. Well known and used by locals, essential organisation to the community.

  • Cobden Primary School – Local school and meeting point for families. Welcoming of community activity and keen to play a role in its community’s development.

  • The Falcon Centre – Provides essential services to the community, such as: community projects, supported accommodation and support for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • John Skillen Martial Arts and Activity Centre – A local and loved fitness centre, with a focus on martial arts and general fitness, providing support in an interesting and engaging way, to encourage frequent and repeat attendance.

  • Chapman Street Gardens – Carefully developed and maintained garden area by generous volunteers, who live locally within the People Zone.

The community also benefits from the Bell Foundry Museum, the areas namesake, a valued historic building and cultural experience for residents who are able to access the museum for free when visiting with the Marios Tinenti Centre. 

Bell Foundry is a small community driven People Zone, with residents and local community workers at the forefront of its success. Keen to enhance their area, the Bell Foundry community is fast at work at engaging residents, local organisations and workers, to come together and work collaboratively to make their People Zone the best it can be.

Bell Foundry People Zone Area Map

Asset Map

There are various organisations, service providers, events and assets within and surrounding the Bell Foundry People Zone. These can all be viewed, added to and updated to provide a living interactive resource for the community.


If you know of something that's going on, an organisation or an asset that should be added, go right ahead and share the details on the map - no account is needed to add content. Get active and get involved!

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