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Translating our Vision into Action



To build a safer and stronger community within the Bell Foundry Estate.



To implement an effective multi-agency Neighbourhood Management Strategy within the Bell Foundry Estate.


Action Plan:

A multi-agency meeting consisting of ‘dedicated practitioners’ will take place every 4 weeks at Charnwood Borough Council. Each agency will identify a practitioner who will be attached to the Bell Foundry People Zone, one who will form an integral part of the integrated Neighbourhood Management Team (NMT).

The NMT will deliver an action plan based upon four critical themes:

  • Enforcement

  • Prevention

  • Intelligence

  • Community Confidence

Agencies will deliver an integrated neighbourhood management plan focused upon the Bell Foundry Lower Super Output Area. Under each theme, tactical actions (eg the identification of a cohort list who are of concern), will be tasked and co-ordinated by the PZ meeting.

Sitting beneath this meeting will be the Partners And Communities Together (PACT). The PACT will offer a voice to the community and the monthly People Zone meeting will allow for their issues/concerns to be raised to the practitioners. The PACT will run bi-monthly and shape our service delivery.

An ‘open session’ will be included within the monthly PZ meeting allowing members of the PACT/community an opportunity to voice any concerns within their neighbourhood. This will be prior to a ‘closed session’ during which practitioners, acting under the Information Sharing Agreement, will discuss intelligence and behaviour trends of the identified offender cohort as well as reviewing risk management plans.


In keeping with the Vision, the PZ meeting will also share information in respect of adults and youths at risk within this locality ensuring the most vulnerable with the Bell Foundry are protected from harm.

Bell Foundry Area

In terms of risk management, practitioners will review offenders, be they adults or youth offenders under three core elements:

  • Risk of Re-offending

  • Risk of harm to others

  • Risk of harm to self 

For clarity the PZ meeting will not seek to duplicate work already being undertaken by agencies in respect of identified offenders or youths/adults at risk. The PZ meeting will exist to support agencies who have primacy in terms of managing the risk of youth/adult offenders/victims.

Actions in terms of enhancing Community Confidence, particularly born out of offending and criminal activity, will be critical to the ethos of the PZ meeting and in this instance the PZ will have primacy. The PZ meeting will work closely with all agencies to ensure a co-ordinated response is put in place to consult and inform the community of enforcement action taken to ensure they are aware of the positive action taking place to address their concerns.    

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