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About People Zones

Communities are the cornerstones of every neighbourhood, and we know how important it is for people to feel safe in their local area. Our vision is to grow safer communities by building on strengths, creating connections and empowering everyone to play a role, and we’re doing that through People Zones.

People Zones is an initiative that is designed to build on the positivity and skills of communities around Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to make these areas safer for everyone.

Asset Based Community Development Image

In these zones, we’ll be taking on something called an Asset-Based Community Development – or ABCD - approach. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with an area, the ABCD approach focuses on the strengths of our communities, harnessing the skills and networks within them to build towards positive change.

This approach will be supported by community-specific research. We’ll uncover local talent, find those all-important services and help to upskill community leaders to create a cohesive, accessible and enjoyable community for everyone.

Nobody knows communities like those who live in them, and by using their knowledge of what is needed in these areas, we can strive to work together to fill gaps in provisions and ensure everyone has access to the community assets they need.

These assets include:

  • People, such as residents, community leaders and volunteers

  • Community services such as libraries, schools, food banks, youth clubs, sports and health services

  • Local businesses like shops and restaurants

By working together in partnership with residents and local organisations, we can aim to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, making our neighbourhoods safer, giving people a sense of pride in their communities and improving quality of life.

Everybody can play a role in this - it’s just a case of empowering people to do so. With appropriate investment, communities can build the knowledge and skills required to shape a bright future for their area.

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