What is a People Zone?

People Zones give people in communities the opportunity and the skills to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhood. 

The idea has been developed by Leicestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Lord Willy Bach, and is supported by public sector organisations, community groups and, most importantly, local people.

Each Zone provides tailor-made solutions designed specifically around localised issues with different agencies working together to create an effective and sustainable result.

Communities benefit from a joined-up, targeted approach from agencies such as the police, health, probation, local authorities, fire and rescue and ambulance services and local community groups.  This in turn reduces the demand on local services, thus enabling more resources to be targeted in areas of greatest need.

If you community would benefit from becoming a People Zone please contact us to find out what steps you need to take.


What Happens in a
People Zone?

The specific objectives of each People Zone will be defined by that community and by their very nature will differ according to local circumstances.

In a People Zone, the community and a tailored mix of local organisations work together to make that area a better place to live, work and visit.  To begin with, the community decides what changes it wants to achieve.  After that a combination of public services and agencies are brought together to work with that community to help them achieve their goals.

It is a partnership with local communities, designed to deliver real change that is capable of being sustained by the people living there.

People Zones will enable members of the community to support one another, improving not just the quality of life across the whole community, but to improve their own life experiences.  This could range from setting up a support group, visiting a lonely neighbour once a week or joining a walking club.


How do I set up a
People Zone?

People Zones are not prescriptive, and we know that one size does not fit all.  The very beauty of the idea is in its flexibility.

Solutions, and the people involved, will vary from one Zone to another, or from one problem to another.  To help people set up a People Zone we have developed a Tool Kit  - this contains a series of options that communities can explore to achieve their goals.

The Tool Kit will be developed as experience of the model increases.  Anyone can add to it, with the aim that, over time, it will provide a rich range of experiences from a wide variety of different communities.

If you wish to apply to set up a People Zone or require any further information please complete the form below:

Thank you for your interest in setting up a People Zone. We will endeavour to reply as soon as possible