We will become a safer, more confident and more capable

community focusing on what we can achieve collectively

What do we want?

  • People to be more resilient

  • There to be less drug addiction

  • There to be less weapon and drug-related crime

  • People to feel safer and confident that agencies and others will give support

  • More members of our community to support one another

  • Improved communication around the resources and services available

What do we want to achieve together in the:

  • Short term: engage with and listen to communities and community groups; raise the awareness of the broad range of local services.

  • Medium term: create and support a local ‘community and services team’; local people and agencies to develop a more trusting relationship; support achieving sustainability of the most relevant local services

  • Long term: Local people feel safer and become healthier and more resilient by reducing violent crime, knife crime and substance misuse

How are we going to work together?

  • All of those involved in the People Zone will meet regularly making use of existing meetings, panels and momentum

How do we know if it has worked?

  • We shall compare the community survey from November 2018 with an identical survey in November 2019

  • Changes in confidence, drug related crime and safety will be measured

  • Improvement of the range of services available

Within the community at New Parks, various organisations and groups
hold regular events and meetings.

We have put together a list of those which may be of interest with relevant links.

If you wish to be added to this list please use the New Parks New Links Form.

New Parks Residents

Join the New Parks Community Panel

 13 February 2020

New Parks Community Panel - We Need You

New Parks Family Day - 10th November 2018

New Parks Family Day
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