If you want to develop a People Zone area then we can work with you and support you in producing your own Tool Kit.  We want to ensure that partnership working will aid you in establishing a People Zone.
If you are interested in finding out how to set up a People Zone or would like to register an interest please use our Registration Form.

Creating your People Zone

A People Zone can be set up anywhere and involve any combination of agencies and local people.  It can be as large or small as local communities choose it to be.

The TOOL KIT offers the following things:

  • A Sense of Purpose - a desire from the community and local agencies to achieve something better.  That is the starting point.  Often that needs some inspirational input and encouragement from local influencing people.

  • An Ambition Statement - this is simply a statement of what the community wants to achieve, which provides a wonderful benchmark against which achievement can be measured.

  • A Plan - the plan needs to be understood by everyone: it cannot be in the formal format of a statutory organisation - but it needs to be clear what is being done, by whom, with timescales and outcomes.

  • A Place - somewhere for people to meet and discuss and check on how things are developing.

  • A Voice - a tool for communicating with everyone closely involved and the wider public, allowing people to share ideas and achievements.

  • A Record - a way of recording and celebrating what has been achieved - something to help people feel proud of their local community and see the progress towards the Ambition Statement.

The TOOL KIT will develop and change over time.  We envisage that local communities and agencies will upload their local initiatives so that others can learn from it.